TV Today to launch its third channel 'Tez' on August 22

The new channel will follow a fast-news format, delivering around 20-30 news snippets in just 15 minutes

TV Today Network is all set to launch its second Hindi news channel, ‘Tez’. The channel will go on air by August 22. However, the test run for the channel started on Thursday.

According to informed sources, ‘Tez’ will follow a fast-news format, focusing more on headlines and not on analysis of news. This is why its tagline reads: ‘Khabrein Phataphat’.

The sources say, “Today, an increasing number of people have less time to watch television. And even within that short span, which they devote to watching news, they want more relevant news. This is why ‘Tez’ will have only back-to-back delivery of news.”

The new channel will be a general news channel and it plans to deliver around 20-30 news snippets in just 15 minutes.

Incidentally, the television news network had tried the same strategy for its English news channel, Headlines Today. The network also has a 24-hour, Hindi news channel, Aaj Tak.

The new channel, ‘Tez’, will follow a ‘nowness’ format, wherein news clippings will be shown on the screen while the anchor or voice-over delivers the news.

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