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‘Cosmopolitan’ to come out with bumper 10th anniversary issue

Four double volumes covering various aspects relevant to the ‘Cosmopolitan’ reader will be bundled along with the main issue

‘Cosmopolitan’ magazine will come out with its tenth anniversary special issue in the first week of October. The magazine will be available at all major newsstands at a price of Rs 100 for the bundle of five-double issues spanning a total of 1,000 pages. Currently, the magazine sells at Rs 75 and the pages number between 175 and 300.

Besides the main issue of ‘Cosmopolitan’, doubled with the ‘Cosmopolitan Living’ section, there will be four other double issues called ‘Cosmopolitan Beauty and Fitness’, ‘Cosmopolitan Celebrity and Fashion’, ‘Cosmopolitan Man and Sex’ and ‘Cosmopolitan Bride and Fashion’.

According to Mala Sekhri, publishing director, Lifestyle Division, The India Today Group, “‘Cosmopolitan’ is the Bible for the young and cosmopolitan Indian woman who is conscious about aspects like beauty, fashion, food, relationships, career.”

The separate sections will serve to make the magazine handy and easy to read by various women in the family. The various volumes are also an in-depth exploration of the various aspects that are the mainstay of ‘Cosmopolitan’ as a leading woman’s magazine in India. Five different celebrities will feature on the cover of every volume.

And this time, instead of sections set aside for various topics, four separate volumes will discuss them at length. Sekhri describes the tenth anniversary issue as carrying enhanced and valuable content for the discerning reader in a utilisable format.

The main issue will be doubled up with ‘Cosmopolitan Living’, which will be a special focus on the décor and design in the homes of top Indian fashion designers. Sekhri adds that this section will carry a directory which will guide quick home makeovers. “This will prove utilitarian for the pre-Diwali season,” she explains.

‘Cosmopolitan Beauty and Fitness’ boasts of 131 tips on beauty and holistic health and carries 25 directory pages of product details and advice on how to use them. Six to seven popular diets will be discussed and pre-party fitness regimens will be the highlight in this section.

‘Cosmopolitan Celebrity and Fashion’ will steer clear of being the drab woman’s magazine carrying celebrity gossip and lifestyle columns, but will carry instead fashion features and photo shoots with leading models. Sekhri clarifies that instead of being a ‘celebrity watching’ space, it will point out 10 trends and best buys with respect to fashion.

‘Cosmopolitan Man and Sex’ will look at the woman’s perspective on men, touching issues like medicine, health, gifts and guy behaviour.

Last but not least, ‘Cosmopolitan Bride and Shopping’ will be an essential guide for all looking to get married. Considering the upcoming auspicious season and the wedding season around the corner, Sekhri is high on this section being a ready reckoner. It will cover the usual aspects like shopping, food, clothes, accessories, and also carry useful information like contacts for marriage planners and other practical information for organising ceremonies like weddings, engagements and cocktail parties in an effective, easy and economical manner. Within this section, the six metros will be covered within the purview of shopping. It will also carry bridal product pages.

Sekhri is confident that the brand name and recall value around the magazine is so high that marketing it will not be a big task. Special merchandising at newsstands will mark the presence of the anniversary issue.

Owned by US-based publishing house Hearst Magazines, ‘Cosmopolitan’ was brought to India a decade ago by the India Today Group. Not only has the magazine led the way in reflecting the trends in the lives of the ultra city bred woman, it has acted as a constant friend, philosopher and guide. It is a step ahead of other woman magazines being more than just agony aunt columns, beauty tips and cookery recipes..

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