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HT Radio beams seventh note in Delhi

The channel which says ‘It’s all about the music’ will soon unveil its name and identity

The radio spot says: ‘Press memory on your FM receiver now. The new number is 104’. For Delhiites, it means getting to tune into the seventh private radio station in town.

The Hindustan Times Group’s radio venture, which remained a secret for this long, has finally hit the airwaves. The frequency is 104FM. The test run began on October 14 from the Hindustan Times Group’s 17th floor office at KG Marg in New Delhi. The name of the channel has not been disclosed till now and sources say that it will be unveiled soon.

HT Music and Entertainment, which is responsible for the radio venture, has its target group clear: the SEC A and B+. With a music line-up that is an eclectic mix of all-time popular English and Hindi music of various genres and sub-genres, the channel is confident of a bright future.

‘It’s all about the music’ is the tagline with which the soon-to-hit FM venture describes itself.

Backed by a technical collaboration with the Richard Branson-backed Virgin Radio International, the HT Group is high on the music it will deliver to Delhi. The private radio scene is already hot with three new radio stations being launched last month.

104FM has the strong backing of two major media groups, which will stand it in good stead in the Capital. In addition, the partnership with Virgin Radio brings in valuable international expertise.

Delhi, which is the home ground for the Hindustan Times Group, was chosen as the group’s first radio station base. The licence fee for the station cost the group Rs 28 crore. The three stations next in line are Bangalore, Mumbai and Kolkata. For the record, the HT Group paid total licence fees of Rs 75.2 crore for the four metros. The Mumbai station will be launched later in 2006, while those at Bangalore and Kolkata will be launched in early 2007.

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