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Living Media to partner with Condé Nast to distribute ‘Vogue’

Condé Nast, publishers of international magazine titles and websites, are collaborated with Living Media to be the sole distributors of the Indian edition of ‘Vogue’

Living Media India has entered into a partnership with Condé Nast, publishers of fashion magazine ‘Vogue’, in India. This partnership is solely for distribution purposes.

This partnership between the two groups aims at enhancing a customised distribution strategy, beefing up national availability and ensuring high-impact visibility for ‘Vogue’. The association is for a period of three years.

According to executives at Condé Nast, Living Media India was zeroed in on because it is among the top publication houses in India and rates high on product availability, visibility, trade relations, back-end systems and relationship management. The Living Media India group publishes and distributes brands such as ‘India Today’, ‘Business Today’ and ‘Reader’s Digest’.

Living Media to partner with Condé Nast to distribute ‘Vogue’
As ‘Vogue’ is the flagship brand of Condé Nast, the strategy is to have it establish a strong foothold in the country so that it paves the way for future Condé Nast publications to be launched in India.

Alex Kuruvilla, managing director, Condé Nast India, says, “Being one of the largest and most professional magazine publishing and distribution companies in India, this is an ideal association with our brand. We look forward to creating a cultural phenomenon with ‘Vogue’ in India.”

Living Media to partner with Condé Nast to distribute ‘Vogue’
The Indian edition of ‘Vogue’ will showcase a discerning mix of the best local and international fashion, beauty and cultural trends. For the record, Condé Nast also publishes ‘GQ’, ‘Vanity Fair’ and ‘Condé Nast Traveller’. Its entire portfolio consists of 127 magazines in 23 markets across six continents.
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