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‘Nai Dunia’ launches fortnightly magazines ‘Sehat’ and ‘Spectrum’

‘Sehat’ will be targeted at all age groups, whereas ‘Spectrum’ will have kids as its prime audience

The Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh based Hindi daily, ‘Nai Dunia’, has launched two fortnightly magazines, ‘Sehat’ and ‘Spectrum’. Targeted at readers of all age groups, ‘Sehat’ will cover various aspects of health. This is the second product introduced by ‘Nai Dunia’, following the recent launch of a weekly job and career supplement called ‘Avsar’.

‘Nai Dunia’ launches fortnightly magazines ‘Sehat’ and ‘Spectrum’
Apart from remedies for general health problems, ‘Sehat’ will focus on overall physical fitness, diet plans and even spiritualism. Interesting case studies will be published to make people aware of rare ailments. Interactive columns relating to teenage troubles and beauty tips will be regular features.

‘Spectrum’ will target kids in the six-16 years’ age group. This is the third brand from ‘Nai Dunia’ after the launch of ‘Sehat’. The magazine will carry short stories, comics, riddles, general knowledge, personal experiences, jokes, and so on.

‘Nai Dunia’ launches fortnightly magazines ‘Sehat’ and ‘Spectrum’
‘Sehat’ and ‘Spectrum’ will have 20 pages each and will be distributed free along with the Indore edition of ‘Nai Dunia’ every alternate Friday. The magazines will soon be introduced in Bhopal, Gwalior, Raipur and Bilaspur as well.

The marketing strategy involved mainly OOH activities such as banners and hoardings. The daily also bought radio spots to spread the word.

Vineet Sethia, director, ‘Nai Dunia’ comments on the launch of the magazines, “We had persistent demand from our readers for separate magazines for kids and on health. This prompted us to launch these two magazines.”

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