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STAR World gets a new look

STAR World launches the Reface campaign and changes its logo

STAR World has donned a new, global look. In a bid to change its brand identity, the channel has gone for a worldwide launch of its new look, with an on-air campaign called Reface. After debuting in other parts of the world, the campaign was rolled out in India last week.

As part of the campaign, the channel unveiled its new logo, graphics and promo spots. Ink Project in Australia was commissioned for the design concept and shoot, and the footage was then passed on to STAR’s design and animation team in Hong Kong, which handled all the post-production and special effects work. The new look was revealed on November 4 in Southeast Asia and the Philippines.

STAR World gets a new look
Talking to afaqs! about the new identity of the channel, Prem Kamath, senior vice-president, marketing and communication, STAR India, says, "The new STAR World logo gives a modern and energetic look to the channel, matching its new, exclusive programming. Our STAR icon is well recognised in Asia and we wanted to make it an inherent part of 'World', thereby claiming ownership of 'World'."
STAR World gets a new look
The new logo sports a bold look, with emphasis on the word, ‘World’. It looks different from the logos of the other channels in the STAR bouquet. However, according to Kamath, there was no conscious decision to make the new logo look different; it was adopted because it matches the current programming on STAR World.

The Indian campaign for STAR World is similar to that in other countries, with some local flavour added in all the four regions of Asia. "While maintaining the same look and feel in terms of graphics and special effects, different versions with non-clichéd local characteristics symbolise the localisation of STAR World's four different feeds. This way, viewers will get the distinctive flavours without the stereotypes," explains Kamath.

The channel has also launched two new shows, 90210 and the new season of Heroes, in its primetime band.

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