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Aap Ki Kachehri to move to other cities in season II

While Kiran Bedi will be back next season, the show will also travel to Mumbai, Chandigarh and some other cities in its second edition

It's curtains for the first season of Aap Ki Kachehri on STAR Plus. The show is led by Kiran Bedi, former IPS officer, serving as the judge and mediator, who settles civilian disputes in a court-room setup. The last episode of the show’s current season will be aired on March 14.

STAR Plus and Synergy Adlabs, the production house responsible for Aap Ki Kachehri, have jointly decided to bring the first season to a close. However, Bedi will be back as a mediator in Season Two.

Anupam Vasudev, executive vice-president, marketing and communications, STAR India, announced the decision at a press meet in the Capital. “The motive is to maintain the freshness of the one-of-its-kind concept. The break will allow us to come back with a more vibrant and refreshed version of Aap Ki Kachehri. Moreover, by stretching the show, we don’t wish to kill a golden goose.”

Aap Ki Kachehri to move to other cities in season II
The show has done fairly well for STAR Plus, as it is the lead show in the 10:30 pm slot. Vasudev shares that the TAM data and ratings indicate that the show has been received very well in north India, especially in Delhi, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. The effort now will be to woo viewers in the East and West as well.

The team behind Aap Ki Kachehri attributes the show’s success to the fact that it portrays real emotions of real people, and reality is far more fascinating and engaging than fiction. Besides, Bedi’s personality, integrity, forcefulness and strong sense of justice also account for the show’s popularity across socioeconomic classes.

Siddhartha Basu, chief managing director, Synergy Adlabs, shares some details about the show’s second season. “The basic format and presentation will be the same. With the new season, we will be looking beyond Delhi and NCR for prospective civilian disputes. The show will travel to places such as Mumbai and Chandigarh. This will, in itself, help impart a fresh look to the show, with regional nuances of different places and cultures reflecting in the nature of cases taken up.”

Aap Ki Kachehri to move to other cities in season II
Aap Ki Kachehri to move to other cities in season II
Aap Ki Kachehri to move to other cities in season II
The production house, too, is happy to take a break from continuous shooting. Basu reiterates that it's been a marathon run for Synergy Adlabs to prepare and present case after case, without a break, for the past few months.

Bedi emphasised that the show, as such, was not a new thing for her, given the fact that as a police officer and the force behind two NGOs (Navjyoti and India Vision Foundation), she has always been interacting with and counselling people. However, she added that what STAR Plus did through the show was that it placed her in front of the camera.

Bedi added, “The show, being a time-bound, episode-based exercise, has made me more quick and fast in taking decisions. I have studied law, but with the variety of cases up for hearing, my acumen with law and its understanding too has sharpened. The success of the show proves that the media, especially TV, has vast potential of becoming a very powerful medium for social change.”

Bollywood actor, Rahul Bose hailed the popularity of the show and said, “New formats and shows, such as Aap Ki Kachehri and Balika Vadhu, prove that the time has come when players in the entertainment industry restrain from underestimating the emotional quotient of the audiences. Concern for TVRs, sponsors or doubts over response from unpredictable viewers should be kept aside to come up with a more realistic and relevant body of work.”

Bose emphasised that Indians not only feel from the heart, but also think from the heart; and that is what has, perhaps, contributed to the wonderful performance of the show. He added, “Personally, the feeling of give and take that the show fosters attracts me the most to the show. Compromise is the only way to solve issues, be it between Israel and Palestine, or between husband and wife.”

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