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STAR Gold gets 1.76 crore voters for Lux Sabsey Favourite Kaun 2010

The awards will be aired on December 27

STAR Gold is bracing up for its biggest Bollywood award show, Lux Sabsey Favourite Kaun 2010. This is the seventh edition of the awards show, instituted in 2004.

The channel has undertaken a month long campaign to reach out and educate fans to come out and vote for their favourite movies, actors, singers and directors.

As a result of the campaign initiated in the first week of November, STAR Gold has so far gathered 1.76 crore votes. Various media and activities have contributed to the campaign, including 30 city float activation tours, a door to door reach out programme, Facebook and Orkut applications, SMSes and televoting.

STAR Gold gets 1.76 crore voters for Lux Sabsey Favourite Kaun 2010
Speaking to afaqs!, Anupam Vasudev, executive vice-president, STAR India, says, "We have gone ahead to engage as many people as possible in the voting process this year to ensure that the awards show's results represent the choice of the largest possible number of Bollywood fans. To achieve this, we offered audiences a multitude of media platforms to come out and vote."

Vasudev shares that the float activity, with a branded vehicle, did the rounds of 30 cities beginning November 16. As part of the activity, the channel managed to get in 6.8 lakh votes. The anchor on the float engaged crowds in various activities such as solving jigsaw puzzles featuring Bollywood actors; enthusiastic fans enacting their favourite movie scenes; and spinning the wheel games, where participants could win Lux Sabsey Favourite Kaun 2010 merchandise if the moving wheel stopped on the celebrity name guessed by them.

STAR Gold gets 1.76 crore voters for Lux Sabsey Favourite Kaun 2010
Also, other interesting initiatives were carried out, such as a contest where individuals had to do the maximum number of push-ups to win. The activity was sponsored by Monaco Must Chips, one of the sponsors of the awards show.

In its effort to reach out to large crowds, the channel also targeted two big events, the Ujjain Mela (November 19-December 3) and the Lucknow Mahutsav (November 25-December 6). It put up stalls at both places to enable voters to register their choices. Also, voting vans visited cities such as Surat, Nashik, Jaipur, Lucknow and Ludhiana.

Vasudev shares, "Our entire voting campaign is modelled to urge people to come out and vote. Keeping in mind the markets crucial for us as a brand, we largely reached out to viewers in three states - Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat."

On ground activations were supported by digital initiatives, creating special applications and posting messages using social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut and Hi5. The users of these sites were engaged by creating social bookmarks and Bollywood forums. A microsite,, has also been created, enabling people to vote online. All the Internet activities lead voters to the microsite to cast their votes.

The channel claims to have got 1.27 crore votes through online voting. SMS push in markets such as Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat, through a dedicated number (57827), has garnered almost 34,000 votes.

For the seventh edition of the Bollywood awards, the channel has roped in Lux as the title sponsor; Parle Monaco Smart Chips is the co-presenting sponsor and 11 other brands are associate sponsors.

Without revealing the cost of the sponsorship and brand association, Vasudev informs, "Heavy TV promotions, coupled with brand activation for all our sponsors on board and 1.76 crore votes already in - the awards show proves to be a good platform for high visibility and consumer connect."

Lux Sabsey Favourite Kaun 2010 will be aired on December 27 on STAR Gold. The awards show will be hosted by anchor-director Sajid Khan.

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