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DD Bharati Announces Latest Offerings

The shows are around the festive season of Navratri and other regular offering.

DD Bharati, the art and culture channel of Doordarshan, has announced the launch of new shows.

The channel is launching 'Jewels of Hindustani Classical Music', a programme curated from archives of Hindustani vocal and instrumental musicians who are living legends. The first telecast is at 9 pm today, with a repeat telecast at 5 am and 1 pm. The episode will feature Parveen Sultana of the Patiala Gharana followed by Vidushi Kishori Amonkar of the Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana.

DD Bharati Announces Latest Offerings
DD Bharati Announces Latest Offerings
On September 27, at the same time-slot, the channel will air songs of Pandit Jasraj. The programme will be curated by Kumud Diwan and Yatindra Mishra. It delves into their gharana, their musical genius, and their musical journey. "These curated telecasts are a music appreciation initiative by DD Bharti to reach out to connoisseurs and lovers of music and art," the channel said in an official note.

During the festive season of Navratri, DD Bharati launched 'Devi Darshan', that will air till September 26. Occupying the 10.30 pm time slot, it presents a series of dance ballets and documentary celebrating the festivities of Durgaotsav.

DD Bharati will also air 'Ramayana' from September 27 at 10:30 pm (with a repeat telecast on September 28 at 6.30 am and 2.30 pm). The stories will revolve around Ram, Sita and Lakshman. They defy categorisation of art as folk or classical, rural or urban, textual or oral. Literary, oral, kinetic and pictorial aspects intermingle to generate multiple renditions of the text in different locales and contexts; each rendition with unique local flavour and linguistic distinction.

For the record, DD Bharati is being actively promoted by Prasar Bharati. The channel was basically launched to highlight the history of the country and stay connected with the Indian and the International viewers.

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