Sumita Vaid

Electrolux Kelvinator awards media duties to OMS

Industry sources peg the size of the business at Rs 15-20 crore

Optimum Media Solutions, the media specialist company of Mudra Communications, has been awarded the media duties of Electrolux Kelvinator Ltd (EKL), a subsidiary of the Electrolux Group. The EKL media business moves from Maximize India. Informal conversations with executives close to the development reveal that the company's media spends last year were to the tune of Rs 10-15 crore. This year (calendar year 2004) it is expected to be around Rs 15-20 crore.

Aligning the media business with OMS was the most logical thing to do for EKL. In November last year, the company had given its creative duties - comprising washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves and air-conditioners - to Mudra Communications. "The internal thinking was that since the creative business is with Mudra, it made better sense to sign on OMS to get the right kind of synergy between the creative and the media," say sources.

But the more compelling reason for choosing OMS was its "innovative thinking, better synergy between creative and media, and an overall brand appreciation", says Sanjeev Wadhwa, general manager, marketing, EKL. "We are looking forward to working together," he adds.

OMS too is delighted about the development. Says Sandeep Vij, president, OMS, "Electrolux is a challenger brand with a vision and a well-reasoned gameplan in mind. Being part of a challenger team is exciting and an honour. Electrolux bought into our out-of-the-box solutions and our ability to challenge the given."

Given the highly competitive structure of the durables market in India and the growth that this market is experiencing, it is expected that Electrolux India will be getting extremely aggressive with its focused strategy aimed at the Indian woman, whom the company categorises as ‘Hope Managers'. The company envisages that the brand Electrolux will be among the Top 3 brands in the coming years. "Our objective is to conquer other categories and be a world-class brand," concludes an optimistic Wadhwa. © 2004 agencyfaqs!

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