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BillMe onboards NY Cinemas, captures over 60% of digital billing market

The platform enables cinema owners to understand their customers better.

BillMe has recently partnered with NY Cinemas, solidifying its position as industry leaders in the ticketing and marketing experience. With the addition of NY Cinemas, BillMe has now captured a staggering 60% of the market, transforming the way cinema goers and owners interact with billing and data management.

The collaboration with NY Cinemas marks yet another significant step in their journey, one that will undoubtedly make sustainable strides and create a lasting impact in the industry while driving sales for their partners.

Jai Hemrajani, co-founder of BillMe, expressed delight in the partnership, emphasizing the company's commitment to providing retailers with the power of data through digital invoices. The association with NY Cinemas represents a significant milestone in their journey that began in 2018, with the aim to send digital tickets and invoices, and now, BillMe stands as an industry-leading Omni Channel CRM powered by Digital Invoices for the Indian retail sector.

Rajeev Sharma, CEO of NY Cinemas, lauded BillMe's engaging digital ticketing system, praising its technology, user-friendliness, and value for merchants like themselves. The synergy with BillMe is set to enhance their existing offerings, providing better customer experiences while benefitting from the new age technical acumen brought in by Jai and Kuber, the Co-Founders of BillMe.

BillMe's introduction has significantly impacted the industry, saving cinema houses over 6 crores annually in printing costs. Moreover, the premium digital ticket experience has led to an incredible increase in annual sales by 5 crores, as marketeers leverage automated marketing channels and advertising. The platform enables cinema owners to understand their customers like never before, providing deep insights into customer behavior and purchase patterns, ultimately boosting F&B sales with automated marketing and AI during intervals as well.

NY Cinemas joins a prestigious list of clients in the cinema industry that includes giants like Cinepolis, Miraj Cinemas, Movie Max, Connplex, and Prasads. The three key advantages of BillMe's digital ticketing are evident in saving printing costs, increasing customer engagement, and boosting data collection at the source. With a presence in over 2800 Cinemas POS, the product's efficiency and usefulness have been duly recognized.

The founders of BillMe expressed excitement about the association with NY Cinemas and their commitment to taking the brand to greater heights. The partnership with NY Cinemas reinforces their position as the most preferred digital invoicing product for cinema retailers in India, solidifying their position as the biggest CRM for Indian Retail & Cinemas.

BillMe has helped over 250 brands, including well-known names like McDonald's, BurgerKing, Decathlon, and Relaxo Footwear. Their digital ticketing solution has a significant presence across 15,000 retail POS, boosting customer engagement with BillMe's CRM powered by Digital Invoicing/Ticketing. As the company continues to make strides in the digital billing landscape, the future looks bright for BillMe and its growing clientele.

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