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Dhruv Modwil launches Talent Management agency "Nocturnal Media"

Dhruv Modwil, youngest Talent manager, recently announced the launch of his Talent Management agency "Nocturnal Media".

Nocturnal Media aims to create an enabler platform for creators, where they can assist creators in outgrowing themselves. They believe that the creators should explore their full potential by creating IPs, creating their own D2C brand, or doing whatever they are best at, rather than just being limited to brand collaborations.

The agency began operations in January 2022 and is currently working with almost 50+ clients and 100+ influencers. Dhruv came across the creator economy space back in 2020 and saw its potential right away. Prior to founding his own agency in 2022, he started working with creators on an individual basis.

Speaking on the same, Dhruv Modwil, Founder of Nocturnal Media says, "I am a firm believer in Vincent Van Gogh's quote, "Great things are done by a series of small things put together." More than just managing influencers, we see ourselves as a talent incubator. We want them to outgrow themselves and build a brand around their name, so I founded my own agency with the sole purpose of assisting creators."

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