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Madverse integrates to enable seamless music mastering for independent artists

With, Madverse customers will be able to master songs in minutes at minimum cost and focus entirely on their creative pursuits.

The process of audio-mastering is a challenge faced by countless independent musicians today. With artists having to spend an immense amount of time, energy, and money mastering their tracks before releasing them, many of them often derail from their creative process. In a bid to democratize this process and empower independent artists across the globe, Madverse, a pioneering one-stop digital platform that specializes in everything from music collaboration, distribution, promotion, and more, has integrated the® Music Mastering API. This integration will allow musicians and artists beyond boundaries and across genres to master any song in as little as one minute by leveraging advanced music mastering functionality available through, including industry-leading API-based audio treatment and limiting technology, and stereo enhancement capabilities.

Mastering songs is an arduous task for independent artists who would often struggle with this aspect due to the numerous steps involved, such as finding sound engineers, paying them hefty sums of money, and then spending the necessary hours to achieve the same. Through this integration, Madverse can now offer artists the ability to master their songs in less time all through will also be able to reap numerous benefits by utilizing Madverse’s one-stop platform that features an extensive array of tools driven by best-in-class technology.

Addressing this occasion, Rohan Jain, the founder, and CEO of Madverse, said, “Our integration with the platform will help us take a huge stride forward in our mission to empower independent artists across different genres, backgrounds, and settings. With advanced music mastering functionality powered by now integrated into our one-stop 360-degree platform, this distinctive feature will be a game-changer for our customers as it will provide artists with hassle-free sound engineering solutions that save them both time and money. As a result, they can focus their energy and resources on their creative endeavors.”

Madverse serves as a gateway to the enchanting realm of music, transcending linguistic barriers and offering boundless opportunities for appreciation and adoration.

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