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News 1st Karnataka unveils AI-based Meta news anchor

AI MAYA, a meta-human news anchor can question, debate and look the part and will be on news everyday.

News 1st, has become South India’s  First Regional News Channel to generate an AI-based Meta Human News Anchor. She’s called AI Maya. 

She can do everything a regular news anchor can. Question, debate and look the part.  And she’ll be on News 1st every day. 

“News First is in the forefront of Programming and Technological Innovation.  We’ve always been the first to adapt and adopt, be it broadcast technology, on-air graphics softwares, program content, or program names. So moving first on  AI and integrating an AI-based Meta Human News Anchor into our broadcasting  was only natural for us” said S Ravikumar, MD & CEO, News 1st Kannada. 

It took News First three months to evolve, identify and create this impressive AI  model for its viewers. 

AI Maya is conversant in multiple languages. But for News First’s viewers, she will start by delivering news in Kannada on TV  & Digital. AI Maya is also ready to deliver news in English. 

“We are looking for Maya to utilise machine learning algorithms to revolutionise  TV presentation by a meta-human. We will be deploying this for news and special stories” said Maruthi SH, editor-in-chief, News 1st Kannada 

News First has taken the lead in ushering in technology, AI-generated news  delivery, revolutionising news production and setting a landmark for regional  news broadcasters in the south. 

“This is just the beginning. Maya has delivered her first news bulletin and  showcased her knowledge & linguistic capabilities in English and Kannada.  We are now working on training her to deliver a more interactive programme  soon”added S Ravikumar, MD & CEO, News 1st Kannada.

The MD & CEO of News First S Ravikumar has interviewed Ai Maya to  understand her capabilities and excellence in news presentation. The question and answer session was aired by News First Kannada at 8:30pm  on Thursday, 13th July - 2023. 

Viewers can pose their questions to MAYA via the dedicated WhatsApp phone  number or email id provided. The Top 5 viewer questions of the day will be answered by Maya at a scheduled time slot. 

The team is working to make Maya more interactive to be able to answer questions in real-time and replace traditional news delivery. 

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