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Ormax Media enhances content testing tool, adding documentaries category to Ormax Stream Test

Ormax Stream Test has been used to set more than 200 web-series & direct-to-OTT films so far.

Ormax Media has upgraded its content testing tool, Ormax Stream Test, to encompass the burgeoning documentary category within the OTT/streaming landscape. The tool, widely utilized to assess over 214 web-series, direct-to-OTT films, and OTT reality shows since 2016, will now extend its capabilities to evaluating documentaries.

As of 2022, 14 Indian documentaries have been released on major streaming platforms in India, accompanied by a surge in interest for international documentaries within the Indian market. Recognizing this trend, Ormax Stream Test has been upgraded to identify and measure nine key drivers of audience engagement for documentaries among Indian viewers. These drivers include Knowledge, Credibility, Authentic Treatment, Theme Relevance, Theme Uniqueness, Suspenseful Narrative, Surprise & Amazement, Emotional Heft, and Inspiration.

Ormax Media employs its proprietary Ormax Power Rating (OPR), a score ranging from 0 to 100, to predict audience engagement when the tested content is eventually released. By employing an analytics tool that assigns weightages to various drivers and combines primary research data collected from audiences, Ormax calculates the OPR for different content.

Keerat Grewal, head of business development (Streaming, TV & Brands) at Ormax Media, commented on the upgrade, stating, "We are continuously seeking opportunities to enhance our tools to align with market demands. With the growing interest in documentaries since the pandemic, we anticipate increased demand for this genre in the Indian market. Through our analysis and testing, guided by the newly-identified drivers, we aim to assist platforms in making informed content and marketing decisions within the documentary category."

Mitesh Thakkar, head of content & campaign Testing at Ormax Media, further emphasized the significance of content testing in a rapidly evolving audience landscape, saying, "Over the last 15 years, we have tested 925 properties across streaming, theatrical, and television. Content testing is an audience-centric approach that empowers platforms, studios, channels, and producers to incorporate audience insights, enabling them to deliver engaging and profitable content. With this documentary genre upgrade, we now have the capability to test content in fiction series, films, reality shows, documentaries, and animations."

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