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Ormax Media launches ‘Super Subscription’ plan for theatrical and streaming categories

‘Super Subscription’ is an annual all-access plan, which will allow Ormax Media’s business partners full access to all industry reports, data and trends.

Media analytics firm Ormax Media announced the launch of its annual all-access plan called ‘Super Subscription’. The plan will allow Ormax Media’s business partners full access to all industry reports, data and trends. As ‘Super Subscribers’, it will also allow them to test their scripts, shows, films and trailers at special discounted rates. Super Subscription has been launched for theatrical and streaming (OTT) categories.

In the theatrical category, the plan comes in two variants: Hindi and Pan India. The Hindi plan is designed for studios and producers focusing only on the Hindi film industry, while the Pan India plan is for companies that have multi-language presence in the theatrical business. The Pan India plan offers reports and data in 10 language categories in India, namely Hindi, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali and Gujarati. In both the theatrical plans, subscribers will have access to a wide assortment of industry reports, in the areas of box office tracking & forecasting, industry sizing & profiling, marketing and consumer behaviour analytics, music & star popularity, franchise analytics, among others.

In the streaming (OTT) category, the plan focuses on Hindi & English content, but also includes modules on Tamil and Telugu languages. Industry sizing & profiling reports, viewership estimates, box office analytics to aid movie acquisition for OTT, content tracking, brand tracking, and franchise analytics are some of the areas in the Super Subscription plan for OTT platforms.

In all three plans, subscribers will also be able to avail Ormax Media’s content testing services, such as script, film, series, trailer, or music testing, at discounted rates vis-à-vis standalone users of these services.

Speaking about Super Subscription, Keerat Grewal, partner - Ormax Media, said: “Over more than 14 years now, we have focused on identifying common industry needs, and creating product and tools to serve these needs. Having built sizeable industry data over more than a decade, we now feel ready to move from offering our services only a la carte, to packaging them as all-access plans, whereby subscribers can benefit from the wide array of data, reports and tools we have, and at significantly lower prices”.

Gautam Jain, partner - Ormax Media, added: “Super Subscription is a win-win idea that enables a deeper, continuous relationship between Ormax Media and its key business partners, much like the classic retainership model that many brands have with their media and creative agencies. We see ourselves as knowledge & analytics partners, who can arm our ‘Super Subscribers’ with data and industry insights through the year, so that they are always updated with evolving category trends and consumer behaviour”.

Ormax Media’s Super Subscription plans will be rolled out on Feb 2, 2023.

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