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54% of Indian consumers prefer hybrid shopping for festive season: InMobi’s Festive Report

Unplanned shoppers are inclined to shop closer to festivals, with 58% planning to shop around Dusshera and Diwali.

InMobi, unveiled key insights from its annual festive trends report. The Marketer’s  Guide to the Festive Season 2023 for India delves into the mushrooming trends in buying behavior during the  festive period, highlighting their potential to mold digital marketing strategies for brands.  

The report highlights that 54% of respondents will engage in hybrid shopping, combining online and offline  methods. Furthermore, 84% have increased their online shopping budgets compared to last year. Among the  women surveyed, 68% see themselves as the main decision-makers for festive shopping, prioritizing personal  needs first, followed by family and business associates. 

InMobi conducted an extensive survey with more than 1,000 Indian mobile users to gain insights into their  festive spending intentions and preferences. The resulting insights are a valuable resource for brands looking to  refine their festive marketing strategies. Shedding light on the burgeoning spending patterns and shifting  preferences of Indian consumers, the report also unveils other significant findings: 

Budgets look bright as 84% of Indian consumers reported an increase in online shopping budgets  compared to the previous year. 

Reduced price consciousness leads to an interest in exploring options as 63% said that they know  what item to buy and are only left to finalize the brand of their choice. 

The festivities are phygital as 54% of respondents prefer hybrid shopping, combining online and  offline methods and 44% said they would shop online only. 

Unplanned shoppers are inclined to shop closer to festivals. 58% planning to shop around Dusshera  and Diwali, whereas about 1 in 3 shoppers are looking to start as early as September. 

Mobile reigns over India as the most popular channel for Indian consumers as they Learn (46%),  Explore (79%) and Buy (78%) making it an essential part of their purchase journey 

"The essence of India’s festive season is rooted in traditions, cultures, and the emotions they evoke. The months  leading up to the festivities, especially around Dussehra and Diwali, are significant for brands, as most shopping  explorations and purchase decisions occur during this time," said Vasuta Agarwal, chief business officer of the  Consumer Advertising Platform at InMobi. "With 78% of consumers planning to shop on their smartphones,  mobile is the most crucial channel for brands this festive season, making it imperative for them to embrace a  mobile-first approach in their marketing strategies. This approach will enable an authentic connection with the  Indian festive shopper of 2023," Vasuta added. 

In India, festive celebrations span from September to the end of the year brimming with uninterrupted shopping  activities. Most respondents have reported that they will start learning about brands and products and exploring  different choices available for festive shopping in September. Notably, a substantial 66% of them plan to  allocate a budget between ₹25,000 to ₹50,000 towards their festive purchases.  

The report unveiled significant findings, categorizing three distinct buyer personas based on shopping behaviors  and preferences. 19% of festive shoppers fall into the Unplanned Shoppers segment, making buying decisions  between Dussehra and Diwali. Among the festive shoppers, 63% are Category Explorers, who have already initiated research to refine their brand and product preferences for purchase. The remaining 18% are classified  as Brand Lovers, characterized by the highest budget for festive shopping. 

“Over the past year, we have witnessed a wide array of brands harness and leverage the potential of the smart  lock screen to drive relevant engagement with connected consumers. A classic example is that of Coca Cola  where the brand leveraged Glance’s smart lock screen to enable their consumers to send hyper-local  personalized festive invites to their friends and families, which could be customized and delivered in any  language of their choosing. Similarly, Zomato and Kuku FM too leveraged the festive season to drive better  engagement with their consumers via the smart lock screen to great success.” Vasuta further added. “As this  festive season is fast approaching, Glance will indeed play a substantial role in helping brands fortify their digital  footprint and spark connections with consumers across India.” 

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