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Apparently, Swiggy is selling men’s footwear on Flipkart

Talk about business diversification in 2021…

Life is full of surprises and what better surprise for an online food delivery giant than to realise it sells chappals on an e-commerce website.

Yes, that’s the surprise Swiggy got today and it decided to share it with us on social media. It shared a pic of Flipkart’s men’s footwear section where we could see a range of flip flops, running shoes, and sports shoes and all of them and the title for all them was Swiggy.

“Apparently, we also deliver food for the sole,” said the food delivery giant. Interestingly, all the Swiggy footwear offered over 50 per cent discount.

And how did Flipkart respond you ask? It said, “Mummy asking 'chappal khaaoge?' hitting way different now.”

We wonder if the delivery time will reduce considerably or not courtesy Swiggy.