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Beck’s gets A.I. to make and market its new beer

“It (A.I.) gave us a perfect blend of yeast, malts, water and hops and we got brewing,” reveals the AB InBev-owned brand.

To celebrate its 150th anniversary, Beck’s, the AB InBev-owned beer brand decided to get A.I. to design the recipe and marketing plan for a limited-edition beer.

The beer brand, in a 14-point tree on its website, explained how it went about this experiment.

1. Kick-off conversation: Where everything began. We sat with A.I. and had a good chat. We told it about our pioneering spirit, and our ambition, and asked for ideas to celebrate our 150 anniversary.

2. Idea: After our deep, long chat, A.I. gave us the idea to make an anniversary beer entirely with A.I. We decided to go for it and stay true to the idea.

3. Recipe: What would this pioneering beer taste like? We asked it for a recipe and out of millions of potential combinations, it gave us a perfect blend of yeast, malts, water and hops and we got brewing.

4. Name: With the recipe brewing, we now needed a name. So we asked for one that would reflect our initial chat, our concept and the recipe. Enter Autonomous.

5. Manifesto: Using the concept, and name as a basis, we asked Autonomous to write a mission statement and have a point of view to inform the rest of its development.

6. Logo: We had a recipe, a name and a mission statement. We asked what a logo would look like? and we got one that considered all elements generated so far.

7. Tagline: Leveraging on all previous steps, we asked Autonomous to write its own tagline. It came back, quite fittingly, with “The beer that made itself”.

8. Can design: We asked Autonomous to design a can that would bring to life our concept considering our initial chat, recipe, name and logo. Autonomous was now ready.

9. Website Design: Autonomous was ready to launch, so we asked it to create its own website considering all the information it had already generated.

10. AD Campaign: We asked Autonomous to sell itself. It considered its audience and gave us posters, billboards and social media ads to run, and we did.

11. Radio: Autonomous looked and tasted good, but how does it sound? We asked it how best to talk about itself on the radio. And not only wrote but even voiced its own radio ad.

12. Film: Autonomous came up with a full advertising video script telling its own story, crafted to the last detail with A.I. to bring it to life.

13. Influencers: Autonomous created its own marketing strategy which included influencers, and even suggested lines for the influencers to use.

14. Now Autonomous is here. One of the first A.I. creations to truly crossover from code to screen and into the real world, where people can feel it, smell it and taste it. Beck’s Autonomous is A.I. brought to life. 

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