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Brands put on their spooky costumes for Halloween

Myntra, Faasos, Realme, and PVR INOX are seizing the Halloween spirit, launching engaging campaigns and contests.

Halloween, a festival celebrated internationally on October 31, is gaining prominence in the Indian market. Originating in the West, it has now found resonance in Indian culture.

With its diverse consumer base, India is witnessing a growing interest in Halloween-themed events, providing brands an opportunity to connect with an audience eager for novel experiences.

Here's a roundup of popular brands putting their own spin on Halloween festivities this year.

Faasos, a Rebel Foods homegrown brand, has started a Halloween campaign called ‘Trick or Treat Happy Halloween’. With a peculiar product and pack activation, customers will experience a little spider dangling by a web on the package. The brand will run the campaign from October 28 to October 31 in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Mumbai.

Brands put on their spooky costumes for Halloween

Realme Global has posted about a giveaway contest on X, formerly known as Twitter, assuring the audience to win a Realme 11 Pro+, a Realme AIoT device or a unique Halloween Haiku by following the instructions mentioned in the post.

PVR INOX has unveiled a ‘five-day Halloween film festival’ that will take place from October 27 to November 2  showcasing horror movies like Evil Dead, The Forever Purge, Exorcist, Nun 2, Talk To Me and the first and second edition of The Quiet Place across select multiplexes. The theatres include PVR Promenade, Delhi, PVR Logix, Noida, PVR Kurla, Mumbai, INOX Malad, Mumbai, Phoenix Market City, Bangalore.

Brands put on their spooky costumes for Halloween has released a humorous Halloween video. It shows two witches trying to find a spooky house using Though they are unable to find the perfect house, the brand promises humans to get it easily.

As part of the Halloween festivities, Myntra is offering an exciting opportunity for users to join in the fun by simply sharing their photo and revealing their favourite show or movie title. The brand will conjure up a Halloween-inspired makeover based on their chosen entertainment. The brand posted about the contest on X.

These clever tactics ensure that audience in India gets to enjoy the Halloween experience.

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