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Burger King is letting the masks do all the ordering

In a 'Whopper' move, customers can now get their orders printed on a mask.

Burger King's tryst with the Coronavirus pandemic continues. In its latest move against the pandemic, BK, as the fast food chain is popularly also known as, is, on an experimental basis, allowing its customers to have their orders printed on a mask. It's to ensure that they don't speak to BK staff members behind the counter, or at a drive-in.

Commandez "safe" avec votre masque personnalisé. Demandez le vôtre en commentaire.

Posted by Burger King Belgique on Monday, August 10, 2020

Parisian agency Buzzman is the creative brain behind this move, and it's active only in Belgium right now.

So, how does it actually work? Well, the customers need to place advance orders on the brand's Facebook and Instagram pages through its 'Safe Order' service. They will then receive a mask with their orders printed on it.

A little while ago, BK Brazil released late night footage of the chaos that takes place at its outlets. From drunken customers to a naked guy waiting for his order. The fast food giant encouraged people to go for home delivery, while enjoying healthy discounts. The move was aimed at reducing crowds at outlets and help home delivery services with more orders.

In June, Burger King Italy introduced a 'Social Distancing Whopper' to its menu. Thanks to the addition of extra raw onions, it reeked of social distancing because who'd want to stand near a person with bad breath.

And, back in May, BK was already in full swing to tackle the pandemic. It introduced 'social distancing crowns' to keep two people six feet away from each other. 'Distancing, but make it fashion', said the caption on its Instagram page. Touche.

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