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“Casual mein dedication chahiye”: Tinder ‘Swipe Ride’ ep 3 is all Bollywood with Kusha Kapila and Swara Bhasker

The duo chauffeur Kashish, urf Kaash, for her Tinder date with Siddhanth, aka Sid.

The near 20-minute third episode of Tinder’s ‘Swipe Ride’ is a fascinating car ride conversation on toxic men in Bollywood movies and the need for casual dedication in dating. And, for once, it is Kusha Kapila and her celebrity chauffeur (Swara Bhasker) listening to someone dole out the dos and don’ts of dating, than the other way round.

‘Swipe Ride’ is Tinder’s fun show on YouTube, where Kapila and a celebrity guest chauffeur a girl to her Tinder date. During the journey, there are interesting conversations on dating, gossip, men, and more.

The show’s YouTube description says, “The only show where India’s favourite behens turn into your personal chauffeurs-cum-hype women, as they drop you to your next Tinder date.”

The second episode featured actress Rashmika Mandanna, while the pilot episode starred Sara Ali Khan.

To book a Kusha-cab, all you need is an OTP, a Tinder match, a date and to slide into @tinder_india’s DMs with the city, date and details of your next date!

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