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Coca-Cola and Marshmello drop a new strawberry and watermelon fusion flavour

The limited-edition drink will first release in the US in July and will be available in select markets around the world.

Coca-Cola has collaborated with artiste Marshmello and has dropped a limited-edition offering.

The new drink—which fuses strawberry and watermelon flavours with a great Coke taste—drops in the United States in July and will be available in select countries around the world. A zero-sugar version also will be available.

Collectable slim cans with striking black and white visuals and dripped Coca-Cola Spencerian script pay homage to Marshmello’s signature aesthetic.

“The novelty and unexpectedness of these innovations are driving curiosity and inviting people to engage with the brand,” said Vlad, Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Strategy, The Coca-Cola Company citing a spike in a social media conversation, earned media coverage and Internet search traffic."

“We’re also seeing that taking a more experiential route with our marketing through digital experiences, licensing partnerships and creative collaborations is a meaningful and fresh way to reach younger consumers.”

The limited-edition drink is part of the Coca-Cola Creations platforms which Coca-Cola, through limited-edition, sequential releases, will introduce new products and experiences across the physical and digital worlds. It had earlier released a space-flavoured drink.

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