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Crew’s heist plan finds allies in Spotify, boAt, Mokobara, Wow! Momo, and NueGo

Brand collaborations are enjoying a high as far as movie marketing is concerned in India.

One needs allies to pull off a spectacular heist. A certain Mr Ocean can attest to this statement, and while he and his so-called crew took off with lots of money and treasures, back here in India, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Tabu, and Kriti Sanon have tapped a few allies themselves for their ‘Crew’.

The actresses aren’t up to anything nefarious but it is their on-screen characters in the movie Crew. Playing air hostesses, they are leading a heist comedy and have managed to pull off some collabs

Movie marketing has gone through a change over the years, and the trend of brand collaborations is at an all-time high right now.

For starters, there is the D2C luggage brand Mokobara which makes appearances in the movie’s trailer, and its wares make up for the backdrop in the song Naina. Luggage in a heist movie around airports and planes? Makes sense.

Sung by Diljit Dosanjh and Badshah, Naina also sees the appearance of boAt’s speakers. Going a step further, the smart wearables brand is running a giveaway contest; recognise the speakers in the song and win movie tickets.

Naina is a hit song right now, and that’s where the next ally of Crew streams in – Spotify. The audio streamer uses the theme of its 2023 IPL campaign - a streamer is hooked to a song to an extent where he sees the world behave as per the song’s lyrics – to promote the song and movie.

Keeping in tune with travel, NueGo, an electric bus company too has collaborated with the movie and said travellers can avail of a 10% discount on tickets for all routes if it is booked via the company’s website or app. The code is 'CREW', of course.

And lastly, what’s a good flick without some lip-smacking food? Momos, anybody? Wow, Momo says it will offer a Crew Combo (Himalayan Momo, a Moburg, chocolate Momo, and a drink) only for Rs 299.

Last year, Netflix India’s The Archies partnered with eight brands ranging from limited-edition themed beverages at Starbucks to stickers on WhatsApp to a clothing line with Flipkart and much more.

While the above collaborations were before the movie, Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan saw several brands place themselves within the movie such as Zomato, Asian Paints, and Godrej.

One can only wait and watch which brands make a brief appearance in the movie. There’s something incredibly likeable about a well-made heist move that makes you want your tip your hat. The West has a legacy of such flicks, the Hindi film industry, on the other hand, has seen hits and misses with its heist-themed films.

The brands are in place, and the box office registers await. Crew hits the screens today (March 29, 2024).

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