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Flibbr launches UnlockBrands, a brand empowerment program for marketers

The program will be run by Navonil Chatterjee, ex-Joint President & Chief Strategy Officer of Rediffusion.

Flibbr™ Consulting, a ‘Build Your Own’ brand consulting firm launched by Rahul Jauhari and GS Hari Ganesh in early 2022, has launched a unique solution for marketers.

UnlockBrands™ is being offered as a time-bound, workshop format program for marketers in both the B2B and B2C spaces.

Navonil Chatterjee, Program Custodian for UnlockBrands, explained: “All brands have an innate potential, like all human beings do. But at the end of the day, even potential has a shelf life. And the saddest thing that can happen to anyone is the Kambli Conundrum. The story of under-leveraged and untapped potential is commonplace even amongst brands, and the irony is that it often goes unnoticed or even unrealised. For example, most start-ups’ first tryst with branding ends with the customary logo, letterhead and brand manual. Very few focus on the kind of strategic clarity that can add tremendous growth potential at an early stage. Or consider a category entrant struggling to find a new, disruptive point of view in a hyper-competitive and cluttered market. It could even be a very established brand caught in the trap of category cliches, looking for a fresh impetus.

In each case, UnlockBrands™ will engage with key stakeholders and use an array of strategic tools to unlock the potential that a brand possesses but is not leveraging.”

GS Hari Ganesh, managing partner, Flibbr™ Consulting added: UnlockBrands™ is an offering in line with Flibbr™ Consulting’s mission to make a perceptible difference to businesses. It is intended to be a brand empowerment suite and will be run by multiple brand strategy experts simultaneously.”

Flibbr™ Consulting works through a unique model of putting together custom teams of seasoned professionals to handle specific business challenges. In its very first year of operation, the firm has picked up a bunch of awards in the recently concluded awards shows. This includes one of the only two Golds won by India at The WARC Awards for Effectiveness Global 2023 which were announced at the recently concluded Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

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