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HUL wants you to move beyond a soap’s pH and use your common sense

Post the Sebamed saga, the FMCG giant has launched a microsite dedicated to one point - there’s more to a soap that just its pH levels.

Hindustan Unilever (HUL), a leading consumer goods company wants you to move beyond the pH when it comes to buying soap and use your common sense instead.

The 27-second spot says that if you keep on harping about pH in everything, there are many items you’ll have to give up because their pH is high: Multani Mitti (pH 8), Milk (pH 6.5), Water (pH 7).

HUL wants you to move beyond a soap’s pH and use your common sense

HUL has launched a microsite called (The truth about soaps). It’s a website dedicated to one cause – there’s more to soaps that just its pH.

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It makes sense for HUL to say this especially after Sebamed’s (German skincare brand) blitzkrieg of a marketing campaign in January 2021; Sebamed alleged the pH levels of Dove, Lux, Pears (HUL soap brands) were high and therefore not appropriate for sensitive skin and touted its 5.5 pH as the right choice of soap for sensitive skin.

HUL dragged Sebamed to court over the campaign but the Supreme Court eventually ruled in favour of the German skincare brand. And while the two brands bickered about the pH, Brinton Pharma’s baby soap Neobar parodied the entire saga.