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Instagram doubles down on its safety features in a new campaign

Wants users to make better use of the offerings than end up being hurt.

Social media for all its blessings comes with its share of curses too, poor user safety and invasion of privacy being the worst ones. Meta’s Instagram, one of the world’s most popular social media apps, has announced a new campaign called ‘You Decide’ that encourages users to make better use of the safety tools available for them on the app.

Some of the recently launched safety features include Take a Break, Limits and Hidden Words, and many have been there for a while, like Restrict, Two factor authentication and Block.

The campaign begins on 15 March 2022, with a Live Room discussion between actress Ananya Panday, actor and creator Sushant Divgikar and Natasha Jog from Instagram, hosted by @under25official.

The participants will be sharing the creatives from Instagram, developed by Supari Productions, highlighting the safety features. This will be followed by a 1-month long campaign, where the communities will inform and engage with their youth audiences, through posts, stories, reels and community activations.

In the past couple of days, Instagram has also launched the Live Moderator feature for Instagram Live. With this feature, creators will have the ability to assign a moderator who will have the ability to report comments, turn off comments for a specific viewer, and remove a viewer from the Live entirely. Viewers who are kicked out of the Live will not be able to rejoin.

Natasha Jog, Head of Public Policy for Instagram, Facebook India (Meta), said, “We want the time spent on Instagram to be meaningful and intentional, and that’s the premise behind this campaign. While we iterate to make our platform safer, campaigns like these will drive awareness for them. We’re thankful for the partnership with Ananya Panday, Sushant Divgikar and other creators and communities, who are supporting to drive this message across India.”

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