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Kantar launches FMCG out of home consumer panel

The panel will track and report purchases made for a total of 13 OOH categories which include 11 F&B and 2 QSR categories.

Kantar, the leading marketing data and analytics company has just launched a first of its kind FMCG panel that tracks out of home purchases in India. Kantar’s out of home panel has already been up and running across 10 countries around the globe before finding its way to India in June 2022.

This in-depth panel will track and report purchases made for a total of 13 out of home (OOH) categories which include 11 F&B and 2 QSR categories. Within the QSR categories (pizzas and burgers) not only out of home, but in-home orders/ consumption will also be captured.

The panel will cover 11,000 individuals aged between 15-49 years across both genders, covering NCCS A, B, and C amongst 10L+ population Indian towns.

The data will be captured in real time at the purchase occasion itself through a 100% self-filling application. Since the consumer will fill the survey live, it will be actual purchases being recorded and not re-called ones. The reporting of the data will however be done at a monthly level to keep it in line with Kantar’s already existing and successful in-home panel. Eventually, the panel will be able to provide a 360-degree view of the consumer purchases- both from an in-home and OOH perspective.

Speaking on this launch, K. Ramakrishnan, managing director- Worldpanel Division at Kantar said “We are very excited at the launch of India’s only robust FMCG OOH panel. This panel will collect consumer data in real time and provide extremely actionable insights to the FMCG companies who operate in India and help them take informed marketing decisions.”

While many more insights will be available in the detailed OOH Report, here are a few highlights from the inaugural leg:

Out of Home Chocolate market is worth INR 1.1 billion with more than 40% population buying in a quarter. The quantity purchased over a quarter is 370 grams is purchased per person.

Did you know that 2 / 3rds of individuals purchasing Salty snacks consumed out of home opt for Potato chips?

Chocolate and not Vanilla is the dominant flavor consumers opt for Ice Creams, with 25% volumes being contributed for out of home consumption.

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