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Mars Wrigley India enters dark chocolate segment with their new product offering

With this announcement, the company seeks to consolidate its position in the molded chocolates category.

Mars Wrigley India has announced the launch and local production of GALAXY FUSIONS Dark chocolate with 70% cocoa in India.

This marks Mars Wrigley India’s foray into the dark chocolate segment in India and significant expansion of local production of the 60-year-old globally loved brand, GALAXY.  

With the dark chocolate’s addition to the GALAXY brand portfolio of indulgent variants, Mars Wrigley India seeks to consolidate its position in the molded chocolates category.

The company had announced the local production of GALAXY. This was a significant milestone for the company as GALAXY became the second global chocolate brand to be locally made in India for India market, after SNICKERS® in 2016.

Announcing the launch, Kalpesh Parmar, country general manager, Mars Wrigley India said, “We are extremely delighted to launch GALAXY FUSIONS dark chocolate with 70% cocoa in India. It is a matter of great pride that we are making the global brand in India at our world class chocolate production facility in Pune. This marks an important milestone for us as we expand our local manufacturing capabilities to make globally loved brands in India with the same quality and signature recipes. This undoubtedly allows us greater production and fresh availability and bring this chocolate delight to a larger number of Indian consumers. GALAXY® FUSIONS is a unique amalgamation of new-world experience of dark chocolate and the signature smooth taste that GALAXY stands for and we are confident that offering a dark chocolate product will be welcomed by many of our consumers who want a variety of options in their snacks, from pure indulgence to 'better for you' treats including dark chocolate."

Varun Kandhari, Marketing Director, Mars Wrigley India, said, "We are convinced that GALAXY FUSIONS dark chocolate will delight our Indian consumers. GALAXY FUSIONS will elevate the dark chocolate experience with its premium signature recipe, 70% cocoa content and its rich, smooth texture. This smooth dark variant is sure to offer a superlative multi-sensory experience to the chocolate lovers and connoisseurs alike.”

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