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Parineeti Chopra invests in Clensta

It offers a range of health and personal care products in the wellness, haircare, skin- care, eye-care, lip-care and body-care categories.

Parineeti Chopra, has turned entrepreneur with her recent strategic investment by acquiring significant minority stake in Clensta.

It offers a range of health and personal care products in the wellness, haircare, skin- care, eye-care, lip-care and body-care categories combining cutting-edge science with eco-friendly formulations. 

“I am thrilled to announce a personal investment I've made in Clensta I’m very excited to be a part of Clensta. Apart from revolutionising the personal care space in India with its innovative and sustainable range of products, Clensta is a brand that stands for attributes I personally endorse of being environmentally conscious, ethical and sustainable.

I discovered Clensta on the internet with the Eggstreme shampoo and conditioner, which I used and found to be amazing. On further research, I was amazed to see everything that they to offer and was keen to be a part of their evolution. This association gives me a great opportunity to help build a brand that will stay relevant for years to come because of its focus on product and its unique ethos to create ethically and consciously. I feel very strongly about treating our planet responsibly and am delighted that Clensta’s range of products fulfil the promise of providing consumers a better way,” said Parineeti Chopra.

“We are thrilled to have Parineeti join the Clensta team as a partner and investor. Her concern for environment, drive for innovation makes her a perfect fit with Clensta. She is passionate about creating a better world, which resonates with our brand ethos of always finding the better way. She understands our long-term vision to make sustainable, affordable and effective personal care solutions that are locally made for one and all, including our global customers. We look forward to taking Clensta to new heights with her support,” said Puneet Gupta, founder, Clensta.  

Clensta’s dedication to innovation and growth has attracted notable debt and equity investors like TradeCred, Royal family from UAE, Ex-Im Bank of India, Mumbai Angels, Keiretsu, LetsVenture, O2 VC Fund and others. IIT Delhi, Caspian Impact and US-AID have been associated with Clensta in the past. 

Clensta develops all its proprietary technologies —STAR (Safe Transdermal Absorption of the Reactive Ingredients Technology) that ensures effective and safe transdermal absorption of reactive ingredients and CRAN (Complete Release of Active Nutrients) that enables the seamless assimilation of vital nutrients for healthy hair, skin, and overall body wellness—at IIT Delhi.

The brand integrates market-first natural extracts in their products, such as red aloe vera (22x more powerful than regular aloe vera) and plant-based egg protein, aligning their offerings with the values of integrating nature with technology. Clensta products are priced at between INR 299 and INR 1199.

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