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Priya Kumar joins hands with Tarun Katial and Puneet Johar, to announce Genius Inside

Genius Inside will play an instrumental role in transforming leadership capabilities that will be 10-times more engaged & effective and 70% cheaper compared to what is currently available.

Priya Kumar, the founder of Priya Kumar’s Training System (PKTS), for the past 25 years, has been making waves with her experiential learning tools that have helped many companies and individuals around the world. Known for pushing boundaries to achieve the best version of one’s self, Priya is leading by example with her own personal breakthrough as one of the few female founders in the tech industry and is all set to make her latest venture a force to reckon with in the digital space. The well-known entrepreneur joins hands with industry titans Tarun Katial and Puneet Johar to corporatize and scale-up PKTS to reach a worldwide audience through an AI-powered platform — Genius Inside.

Having successfully made a name for themselves in their respective fields, the trio of co-founders, shall bring together their own rich experience combined with a team of coaches and experts — to recombine business, cutting edge technology, enhanced content delivery and the best leadership training, to curate personalized solutions on the platform, through an environment of nurture and learning, to inspire greatness, instil confidence, and ignite the ‘Genius Inside’. Taking forward PKTS’s 25-year-old legacy and not just recreating it but also enhancing it for the digital space, Genius Inside will play an instrumental role in transforming leadership capabilities that will be 10-times more engaged & effective and 70% cheaper compared to what is currently available. By leveraging advancements in AI intervention and Machine Learning for the recommendation engine, combined with phy-gital mentoring, Genius Inside will help audiences benefit from continued learning and personalized transformation, on-demand.

In the self-improvement and L&D industry, the big gap between expectations & delivery results in a lack of personalization, real-time application probability, continuous engagement, timely assessment & credibility of coaches/mentors. Showcasing a sense of purpose towards being socially conscious about leading the youth, the co-founders aim to bridge the gap and give something back to society helping them unleash their potential and perform to the very best of their abilities. Continuing in their efforts to make people able, Genius Inside, a venture built on a foundation of passion, will curate strategies that propel the youth on the highway to successful leadership and instil the right culture and value system to transform them to unlock their hidden and latent potential.

Commenting on the launch of the venture, Priya Kumar, founder, Genius Inside, said,“Having worked for over 25 years in the corporate world, as both a motivational speaker and a biographer of industry stalwarts, I realized that the fundamentals for success stem from some very basic and simple laws that remain constant over time. Working with the emerging leaders of tomorrow made me aware of the need for self-transformation and to better help them by using the tools they are most familiar with. Extending PKTS’s legacy to a digital platform that leverages cutting edge technology such as AI and Machine Learning algorithms along with physical mentoring, Genius Inside presents the most personalized and customizable version of our services. These are created by our deep understanding of success and its drivers, an evidence-based approach and workability which adds value to bright young minds. Lending their passion and expertise to this project, my partners — Mr. Tarun Katial, Mr. Puneet Johar, and I aim to reach a global audience and play an instrumental role in their development by not only upskilling them but also by bringing about a real-time transformation in their lives.”

Tarun Katial, co-founder, Genius Inside, added"I am very fortunate to partner and invest in Priya and PKTS that furthers my personal goal of impacting lives through content and technology and gives it immense purpose/meaning. Genius Inside is a much-needed transformation for the users along with providing Priya’s content the right platform. It’s a giant leap from earlier generation legacy learning platforms. Ease of use for learners and streamlined administrative features makes it an integral part of Genius Inside’s strategy and to deliver a world-class learning experience for everyone. We need to understand that AI and machine learning are the new frontiers for human interaction with technology. Now, more than ever, kids need to learn how AI and ML works, and how these tools can help the productivity of the workforce."

Puneet Johar, co-founder, Genius Inside, said “It gives me immense pleasure to support and partner with Priya and PKTS in their digital transformational journey. Priya Kumar has made a huge impact in the training industry over the past two decades and there couldn't be a better time to scale the offering to reach out and impact thousands of budding leaders across the corporate world. Genius Inside as a platform offers immense opportunities in digital including personalized learning, interactive sessions with coaches, progress charts and assessments. There is no better way to give back than reaching out and impacting young leaders with this proven model of self-development aided by technology.”

The Self-Help industry is growing at a rapid pace, currently at $30B and projected to grow to $60B in the next 5 years. About $4B is spent on MICE & Training programs annually but 78% of people experience minimal training impact. Instead of spending disproportionately to build learning capabilities, Genius Inside, by instilling the right values in an ecosystem of nurture and learning, will help audiences live through their transformation to reinvent themselves, without breaking the bank.

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