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Swiggy launches 'Health Hub'; focuses on healthy eating

It is a healthy food discovery destination on the Swiggy mobile app that curates special healthy menus and dishes by restaurants.

As per Swiggy’s StatEATistics 2019 analysis, there was a significant uptake in orders for healthy food, including dishes like Khichdi as well as global trends like Keto dishes. In 2019, healthy eating was one of the fastest-growing consumer trends on the platform.

Thus, the leading on-demand delivery platform has launched 'Health Hub' on its smartphone app. It is a healthy food discovery destination that curates special healthy menus and dishes by restaurants. To enable this curation, Swiggy has worked with nutritionists and top restaurants in the country.

Swiggy launches 'Health Hub'; focuses on healthy eating

As part of Health Hub, Swiggy has worked with leading restaurants on multiple levels to assist them in creating delectable healthy options of popular dishes so that consumers don’t have to compromise on their choice and taste. Consumers have the ability to choose from gluten-free, high-protein, low-carb, organic, vegan, and keto meals across soups, salads, wraps and desserts.

Furthermore, keeping the Indian palate in mind, Swiggy has deep-dived into the healthy food preferences of consumers through detailed consumer research. One of the biggest gaps that emerged through this research was the limited options when it came to health-focused dishes in Indian cuisine. Swiggy worked with numerous restaurant partners to assist them in enhancing their menus to cater to this growing need for healthy food.

With Health Hub, consumers will have access to the nutritional break-up of each dish along with the calorie count, allowing for better choice and decision making while they enjoy a wholesome meal. Over 10,000 unique healthy dishes from 1,000+ restaurant outlets are available on the platform at present. Health Hub is currently live for android users in Bangalore and will expand to Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi in the next few weeks.

Commenting on the launch of Health Hub, Vivek Sunder, COO, Swiggy, said, “There is a visible demand for healthy food choices by consumers and restaurants are seeking opportunities to innovate and stay relevant to these market changes. With Health Hub, we want to boost healthy eating patterns across the country and dismiss commonly held beliefs that healthy food is bland, hard to find and expensive.

By leveraging the wide range of restaurants through our platform, we are not just empowering the consumers with an array of healthy options but also assisting restaurants to create differentiated and dedicated healthy menu options. With the launch of Health Hub, we expect this trend of ordering healthy dishes to grow and more than double over the next 6 months.”

Currently, Health Hub is live in 30+ areas in Bangalore and provides healthy options from popular restaurants including Grow Fit, Truffles, Adiga’s, Chai Point, Apsara Ice Creams, Brooklyn Creamery to name a few. As part of the launch campaign, consumers also stand a chance to win exciting offers and coupons as ‘Health Rewards’ for ordering in healthy food.

Swiggy launches 'Health Hub'; focuses on healthy eating

The coupons can be used to leverage offers like a free diet plan with coaching from HealthifyMe, access to online classes and discounted therapy sessions, DocsApp subscriptions, live yoga sessions from SARVA yoga and Mi Fit Bands. The health rewards program is designed by Swiggy to assist its users in leading an overall healthy lifestyle.