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Vimeo introduces AI that generates marketing videos in seconds

The video platform's CEO took to LinkedIn to demonstrate the wonders of Vimeo's new AI tools.

Vimeo, a video platform, has introduced an AI script-generation feature capable of drafting video scripts in seconds. Powered by OpenAI, the use cases include creating highlight reels, hosting virtual events or company meetings, or making marketing videos.

The new AI includes three new features, a script generator, a teleprompter, and a text-based video editor, which automatically gets rid of filler words, long pauses, and awkward moments. The tools will be available sometime in July, to users paying for Vimeo’s ‘Standard Plan’.

The company’s CEO, Anjali Sud, took to LinkedIn to demonstrate how the new AI tools function. In a video, Sud generates a video script to highlight all the use cases of the new AI tools.

The LinkedIn post reads, “Yes, our new tools leverage AI. More importantly, they are baked into one seamless workflow that lets you imagine, script, record, edit, and share a video in that you would actually put your name on and post on social to be judged by all.”

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