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Whoplah Creative Co rebranded as Alkemi Media

The rebranding also extends to Alkemi Media's digital presence, including the launch of their new website.

Whoplah Creative Co, PR & Marketing agency specializing in innovative brand communication strategies has announced its rebranding as Alkemi Media. This strategic transformation marks a significant milestone for the company as it embraces a new identity and embarks on a mission to unlock creative transformation for the digital age.

As Alkemi Media, the agency will continue to deliver exceptional PR services while embracing a refreshed vision and brand identity. The name ‘Alkemi’ represents the agency's dedication to the art of crafting compelling narratives that captivate and inspire. By combining creativity, strategy, and a deep understanding of the media landscape, Alkemi Media aims to help brands and businesses uncover their true essence and reach their target markets in a more meaningful and well rounded way.

"We are thrilled to unveil our new identity as Alkemi Media. Our rebranding signifies our continued commitment to helping our clients transcend boundaries and achieve remarkable success," said Karen Martin, Founder and Creative Director, Alkemi Media. "In today's rapidly evolving PR landscape, brands need to navigate through complexities while remaining authentic and engaging. Alkemi Media stands ready to guide our clients on this transformative journey, combining innovation and creativity to achieve their goals without having to compromise on their larger brand message and ethos."

Alkemi Media's suite of services encompasses Media Relations, Brand development, Design, Influencer Marketing, strategic brand partnerships, and immersive experiences that connect brands with their target audiences on multiple platforms.

The rebranding also extends to Alkemi Media's digital presence, including the launch of their new website ( which showcases a refreshed brand identity, featuring a seamless user experience that embodies the company's creative vision. The website serves as a platform for businesses to explore Alkemi Media's diverse portfolio of success stories and learn more about their comprehensive suite of services.

As Alkemi Media, the agency continues to build upon its track record of success, partnering with clients to craft captivating narratives that disrupt traditional marketing approaches. By leveraging the power of media relations and embracing emerging trends, Alkemi Media empowers brands to establish meaningful connections with their customers, driving long-term loyalty and growth.

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