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Why is BigBasket being accused of bullying on social media?

Coimbatore based grocery delivery startup dailybasket has accused major grocery e-commerce player BigBasket of bullying.

A Coimbatore based grocery delivery startup dailybasket is accusing major grocery e-commerce player BigBasket of bullying. The epicenter of the conflict lies in a ‘cease and desist’ notice served by BigBasket to its comparatively younger rival.

The notice alleges that dailybasket copied BigBasket’s trademarks, website and apps. It further urges DailyBasket to suspend operations and surrender the domain to BigBasket. While BigBasket was founded in 2011, dailybasket was launched in 2020.

What’s interesting about the tussle is dailybasket’s response to the notice. In defense, the platform published details of the development on a microsite ( It includes the notice, visual comparison of both the platforms along with a response from the founder. Apart from the awareness, it aims to garner public support.

A clause of BigBasket’s notice reads, “Our client’s name and mark, sub-brands and the logos have acquired such well-known status, instant recognition and connection with our client that the mere mention or reference of a name containing ‘basket’ in a word or logo form for any ecommerce business and related products conjure in the minds of the relevant class of consumers and members of the trade as that of being associated with our client.”

A part of the response letter by dailybasket’s founder Ramesh Vel reads, “We are a small bootstrapped business with no major backing, we alone can't defend our business with these kind of attacks. We need all the help we can get. To start with, please spread this story with your friends and followers in social media till we hear something good from BigBasket.”

The matter caught the attention of netizens who called out BigBasket’s move even ridiculing it.

Soon after, BigBasket put out a clarification on Twitter describing its move as a routine effort to safeguard its own trademarks. It also mentions the ‘notice’ as a ‘typical step’ and says that BigBasket intends to work with the founder of DailyBasket to arrive at an amicable solution.