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XSEED appoints Actimedia Pr & Digital as pan- India PR & communications partner

The Actimedia will amplify the XSEED’s visibility and message across India through its 360-degree communications approach and reach.

The Singapore-based XSEED has appointed Actimedia PR & Digital as its pan-India PR & communications agency. 

XSEED is a K-8 academic program that helps schools deliver the curricula of all major boards (including CBSE, ICSE amongst boards). 

XSSED deploys proven research-based teaching methodologies that use interactive resources as well as books that help make children of today more confident and readier for the 21st-century workplace.

“Our goal with XSEED is to build a transformative education ecosystem that benefits 10 million confident life-long learners. We want to educate children in a way that helps them reach their true potential using our engaging, immersive & interactive methods and modules of learning so that they are future-ready for taking on the world. We are excited to partner with Actimedia who with their strategic approach and reach, as well as extensive brand-building experience, will assist XSEED in reaching its audiences across India,” said, Ashish Rajpal, founder, XSEED.

XSEED makes concepts interesting for children, focusses on the thinking aspects, and ensures rigour in practice. The teaching toolkit combines scientific teaching, customised content, and user-friendly technology to provide an all-round and an engaging learning experience from Nursery right up to Class 8. 

“XSEED is in a sweet spot right now with its unique academic programme that seamlessly combines all the key elements of modern learning —books, teachers, training and digital access. The education system in India is currently going through an upheaval with the traditional learning system being phased out to welcome the New Education Policy. Being a pioneer of new-age learning, XSEED is ready to ride the wave of change. We are happy to take forward Ashish Rajp al’s vision and take part in this movement of transformation,” said, Amitabh Saksena, founder and managing director, Actimedia PR & Digital.

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