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YouTubers outside US may start paying additional taxes, starting June 2021…

As per Google’s new policy, it will now start deducting taxes when the YouTubers earn their income from the viewers in the United States.

Search giant Google’s new policy may not be good news for YouTubers in India and other parts of the globe. The policy requires creators outside of the United States to pay additional taxes, starting June 2021.

US-based YouTubers, however, will not be subjected to the new policy.

As per reports, YouTube’s parent company Google says that it has a responsibility to ‘collect tax information from all monetising creators outside of the US’. So, it (Google) will now deduct taxes when these creators earn income from the viewers in the US.

The additional taxes will be applicable to the creators’ US-based YouTube earnings, including “YouTube Premium, Super Chat, Super Stickers and channel memberships,” read a statement on Google support page.

YouTubers, regardless of their location, have been asked to submit their tax information by March 31, 2021. They will need to submit their US tax information on the Google AdSense page.