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Zomato delivers baby onesies to employees who’ve just become parents

Without any delivery charge, of course.

To spot a deliver personnel wearing red T-shirt zip through city roads, or climb upstairs holding a paper bag in hand has become a daily occurrence over the last year or so. Zomato’s delivery workers are part of the zeitgeist now.

This sight must have become even more common to the employees of the online food delivery giant.

But what Zomato employees, who have just become parents, wouldn’t have expected is to receive baby onesies from their company.

We came across two LinkedIn posts - black and red onesies with ‘future founder’ and ‘Zomato’ written on them respectively.

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And, in a story we did in May 2021 on welcome kits from employers, Zomato made the cut - a box filled with stationery items and even two T-shirts.

The new parents are happy, they share the gifts online, user-generated content is earned, the brand is happy for its employees and itself. Smiles all over.