Sangeeta Tanwar

NavDunia takes to outdoor advertising to reach Bhopal readers

NavDunia, a Hindi daily from the NaiDunia Group, was rolled out in Bhopal on May 9

The NaiDunia Group recently launched a new Hindi daily called NavDunia in Bhopal. To generate buzz around the new offering, the group employed extensive outdoor media and below-the-line activities.

The advertising campaign for promoting NavDunia was divided into two phases, the pre-launch publicity blitz and post-launch activities.

Speaking to agencyfaqs!, Vineet Sethia, director, NaiDunia Group, explains, “The idea was to create a lot of hype and curiosity about the newspaper in Bhopal before the launch. So, we projected the newspaper as a quality product with the high journalistic values that the NaiDunia Group has been identified with over the years. Now, after the launch, we are stressing on the content, look and pricing of our product.”

NavDunia takes to outdoor advertising to reach Bhopal readers
Pre launch hoarding message
NavDunia takes to outdoor advertising to reach Bhopal readers
Post launch hoarding message
Why the stress on outdoor advertising? “Even before the launch of the product, we wanted the whole of Bhopal to wait in anticipation for our product. Outdoor advertising through hoardings and branding is the fastest and easiest way to communicate a message effectively to a large section of people,” says Sethia.

The NaiDunia Group put up 60 hoardings inside Bhopal, and another 65 in upcountry Bhopal. All the hoardings carried the message that NaiDunia was coming out with a brand new Hindi daily, NavDunia, in Bhopal. The hoardings also stated that the 20 page daily was reasonably priced at Re 1. Bus shelters across the city were also used for the branding exercise.

As an innovative experiment, around 40 autorickshaws have been completely branded and are being used as carrier vehicles for hand to hand distribution and selling of NavDunia. Another 300 autorickshaws carry vinyl screens displaying messages announcing the arrival of NavDunia.

Sethia points out that they are using branded Tata 407 vehicles as floats to reach out to the public. These open floats are being used by a set of actors and promoters who educate and inform people about the newspaper. He adds that the floats have been a huge hit with people. The NaiDunia Group has also pitched branded canopies across the city, under which promoters sell copies of the newspaper. The group has continued airing advertisements which reiterate that NavDunia is out in the market and available for Re 1. Announcements and advertisements are being aired on Big FM, Radio Mirchi and S FM, the three most popular FM radio stations in Bhopal.

Sethia says, “All our messages are playing heavily on two factors, the pricing of our product and the quality and integrity of the content.”