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Limca to paint the highways in its colours

The soft drink brand will use messages on trucks and ‘dhabas’ to attract consumers

Limca, the lime drink from Coca-Cola India, has found a unique way to reach out to consumers in every nook and corner of the country. The soft drink division has entered into an agreement with the Truck Owners Welfare Society, under which it will paint 1,000 trucks with the message, ‘Limca Fresh Ho Jao’, in the truck art format.

Trucks normally carry several messages in regional languages. These messages will be replaced by Limca messages such as ‘Taaza Ok Please’ and ‘Mera 7 Taazgi Ki Baat’.

In addition, ‘dhabas’ and eateries along highways have been refurbished to highlight Limca’s spanking new summer branding and messaging. For these, separate taglines such as ‘Freshness ka Akhri Stop – Limca’ and ‘Taazgi Is Taraf – Limca’ are being used.

Limca to paint the highways in its colours
Green and yellow coloured vending machines will be placed at roadside ‘dhabas’ to display and sell Limca. Hoardings, message boards and signboards will be put up along the highways to attract consumers.

Speaking to agencyfaqs!, Venkatesh Kini, vice-president, marketing, Coca-Cola India, says, “Being a big family of brands, we try to come out with engaging campaigns to promote our products. With Limca’s summer campaign, we are getting into out of home advertising in a big way for the first time. Hopefully, consumers will enjoy and appreciate the unique Limca messaging and the interesting use of the outdoor medium.”

Limca to paint the highways in its colours
Why an OOH campaign for Brand Limca only? Kini says the image and brand positioning of Limca make it an ideal brand to be extensively promoted through outdoor advertising. The citrus drink stands for freshness and is ideal for consumption while travelling. So, the stress on using trucks and ‘dhabas’ as the advertisement medium for the drink.

Ogilvy & Mather (O&M) are the creative designers for the new Limca OOH campaign.

Titus Upputuru, senior creative director, O&M says, “Any communication works well with the target audience only when it is done intelligently and tailored to be medium specific. We used a separate established lingo for taglines to be used in truck branding, and then, a separate set of equally appealing messages to be put up at ‘dhabas’.”

The messages on the trucks were done keeping in mind that trucks on highways symbolise movement and a journey towards a destination, so the messages play upon the emotions of moving and togetherness, such as ‘Mera 7, Taazgi Ki Baat’. When travellers stop at ‘dhabas’, their aim is to energise and refresh themselves. This mood is reflected and captured through statements such as ‘Freshness ka Akhri Stop – Limca’.

Upputuru worked on the outdoor campaign along with Jitendra Kaushik and B Sridharnath. The client servicing team consisted of Rachita Chowdhury and Sreyasi Goswami.

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