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Furlenco rides on Mumbai's TAB cabs

The campaign will promote the brand's furniture rental concept through external and internal branding on airport cabs.

Home is where the heart is, goes the old adage. After a long, tiring day at work, everyone wishes to reach home as soon as they can and relax within its comforts. And, what makes a home even more attractive is its furniture. The furniture in one's home gives people a sense of familiar comfort. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy and/or sell furniture of their choice frequently.

Working on this insight, the Bengaluru-based online furniture rental company Furlenco, has partnered with the Mumbai-based TAB cabs to carry out a first-of-its-kind month-long campaign called 'Awesome furniture on rent'.

Furlenco rides on Mumbai's TAB cabs
The ads will be carried by the TAB cabs that operate as the airport's biggest taxi fleet. The campaign began on November 10, and will go on for the next three months.
Furlenco rides on Mumbai's TAB cabs
Furlenco, with this initiative, aims to increase its brand popularity with the centre point being the bustling Mumbai airport where passengers are in transit round the clock. For this purpose, it has deployed around 200 cabs that ply from Thane, Mumbai and Navi Mumbai to Mumbai airport.

The brand has targeted the 22-34 years age group, which primarily consists of students, those who leave for work early, newlyweds, and those relocating because of jobs or have a limited disposable income. Furlenco gives them access to premium furniture which can be used for as long as it is required, without investing heavily in buying it.

Furlenco rides on Mumbai's TAB cabs
Commenting on the campaign, Ajith Mohan Karimpana, founder and CEO, Furlenco, says, "It's an appealing ad campaign created by our in-house team using our own designed furniture. While other Out-Of-Home(OOH) media is static, this is on-the-go. The cabs will ply on roads from the airport to different parts of the city, and act as mobile hoardings. This will ensure our brand prominence and mass visibility, and create widespread awareness among customers."

The creatives for the mobile ad campaign, designed by Furlenco's in-house team, have been placed in a way so that the passenger's head will be a part of the furniture's visible profile when viewed from the outside. The TAB cabs carry the Furlenco ads promoting its premium furniture rental range, on the cabs' boot (the rear of the car), as well as on the doors.

Furlenco's range of services helps furnish homes in a quick, easy and affordable fashion. As part of its service, it offers a range of designer furniture of high quality, along with matching furnishings and décor. The service also includes free doorstep delivery and installation, making it an extremely convenient and hassle-free approach to own a home with dreamy interiors. One can rent furniture which include beds with mattresses, sofa sets, couch sets, dining tables, and recliners by paying a monthly subscription fee that varies from Rs 999 (for a bed and mattress package), or a study table or a wardrobe package for Rs 8,000, for a three-BHK home. Customisation is also provided as per the customer's requirement.

Furlenco claims to be India's first online furniture rental company. Launched in the year 2012, the aim was to raise the standard of living for urban Indian consumers, who have to often compromise their need for a good-looking home due to lack of affordable and convenient solutions.