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IOAA supports Maharashtra govt and BMC to audit and regulate hoarding structures: Pawan Bansal

Indian Outdoor Advertising Association (IOAA) has shared a statement regarding the recent tragic incident in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.

Following the tragic hoarding collapse in Ghatkopar, Mumbai, which resulted in the loss of sixteen lives, Pawan Bansal, president of the Indian Outdoor Advertising Association (IOAA), issued a public statement, saying, "On behalf of the IOAA and its members, we wish to express our deep sorrow over the tragic incident that resulted in the loss of life following the collapse of a billboard at a petrol station in Ghatkopar, Mumbai. This event has deeply affected us, and our thoughts are with the families enduring this painful time.

"The IOAA has consistently advocated for strict adherence to local regulations and safety standards concerning the installation of hoardings. We prioritise safety and diligently promote compliance among our members.

"In response to this incident, the IOAA fully supports the initiatives undertaken by the Maharashtra Government and the BMC to audit and regulate hoarding structures throughout the city. We are committed to assisting in these efforts to ensure such a tragedy does not occur again.

The letter ended with: "We are determined to work closely with all relevant authorities to enhance safety measures and regulatory compliance. We appreciate the ongoing support and understanding of the community as we strive to make necessary improvements."

On May 13, the storm's intense power caused the 100-foot billboard across from a fuel station in Mumbai's Ghatkopar area to collapse onto the station with great force.

The BMC has issued notices to the railways to remove all the oversized billboards, many in Bandra, Dadar, and western suburbs. The BMC has also started the demolition process for the remaining three hoardings on the GRP's land.

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