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As Kejriwal's AAP cements third consecutive win in Delhi Elections...

With the hype around Delhi Legislative Assembly Elections 2020, all eyes were set on the outcome of this highly anticipated political discourse. The results are out and there is only one victor - Kejriwal led Aam Aadmi Party.

With a landslide victory cementing Kejriwal's leadership in the region for the third time in a row, the entire scene has garnered a lot of talk from across the country. And where there is attention, there are brands making their presence felt.

It is highly unlikely to find a brand delve into political matters, especially when there is a lot of heat that surrounds it. However, with Kejriwal's victory, many brands have rushed in to congratulate the former IAS officer and his party for the feat.

Here are some brands that leveraged the moment.


Pathkind Labs



Jio Cinema



Dunkin' Donuts

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