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Brands put out cryptic one word tweets describing their businesses

The one word tweets have popped up on many prominent brands' social media handles.

On the internet, pretty much anything could go viral. The latest trend on Twitter is a succinct one. Many brands have been tweeting a single word that sums up what the brand is all about. The trend began when a USA based passenger railroad service named Amtrak tweeted just word - "trains".

Both in India and internationally, brands were quick to jump on to this trend. In India, food delivery app Swiggy tweeted 'food' and Swiggy Instamart tweeted the word 'groceries'.

Whereas food delivery app Zomato used the opportunity to make a reference to one of its older tweets. Zomato tweeted 'GharKaKhaana' - a throwback to one of its viral tweets that urged people to eat home food occasionally.

Grocery delivery app BlinkIt also tweeted - but with the Hindi name of an unpopular vegetable.

Casual dating app Tinder tweeted a word quite relevant to their offering.

A few travel aggregators also jumped in on this trend.

QSR giant McDonald's took the opportunity to put out more than one tweet relating to this trend.

Flipkart-owned Myntra also hopped on to the trend.

Flipkart itself also decided to contribute.

Amazon Prime Video referenced an older trend - one where people were commenting the name Binod below YouTube videos.

Amazon India tweeted the word 'rewards'.

Netflix India referenced its algorithm - one that recommends new content to people based on what they've already watched.

The most obvious tweet of them all came from ICC's Twitter account.

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