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Meta to restrict options advertisers have to reach teens

Starting February 2023, advertisers will not be able to use gender as a targeting option.

Meta recently announced that they will be introducing more teen specific controls in a bid to make their apps more age-appropriate.

"We recognise that teens aren’t necessarily as equipped as adults to make decisions about how their online data is used for advertising, particularly when it comes to showing them products available to purchase. For that reason, we’re further restricting the options advertisers have to reach teens, as well as the information we use to show ads to teens," the company said in a recent blogpost.

Beginning in February, Meta will be removing gender as an option for advertisers to reach teens. Additionally, the company won't be informing advertisers how teenagers engage on their apps. This includes what they watch or engage with on the app.

Further, the company will also be giving more options to teenagers to control the types of ads they see on Facebook and Instagram with ad topic controls. "Teens will be able to go to their ad preferences within settings on both apps (Facebook and Instagram), and choose 'See Less' or 'No Preference' to further control the types of ads they see," the announcement said.

The company has also added a new privacy page on the apps with more information for teens about the tools and privacy settings they can use across Meta's platforms.

Nick Clegg, president-global affairs, Meta, also recently called for global policymakers and regulators to work together on developing clear, consistent regulation when it comes to providing safe, age-appropriate experiences for young people online.

“I think everybody has a role… social media companies have a role, families have a role, parents have a role, governments have a role, regulators have a role. This is a space where I think it is totally legitimate and normal for regulators to act,” he recently said during Meta's first summit on youth safety and well-being.

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