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Nothing CEO Carl Pei becomes ‘Carl Bhai’ ahead of Phone (2a) launch

Carl has also suggested Tesla’s Elon Musk to consider changing his name to ‘Elon Bhai’.

Carl Pei, CEO of Nothing Technology, has changed his profile name on X (formerly Twitter) to ‘Carl Bhai’. Following suit, the company itself has playfully transformed its name from Nothing India to 'Nothing India Bhai'.

Nothing's 'Carl Bhai'
Nothing's 'Carl Bhai'

Pei’s casual use of ‘Bhai’ (Brother in Hindi) has struck a chord with the Indian audience, sparking a trend on social media platform X. Employees at Nothing are joining the trend by adding 'Bhai' to their usernames. Carl has even suggested Tesla’s Elon Musk to consider changing his name to 'Elon Bhai' if he wants to enter the Indian market and build a factory here.

The whole trend began when Pei responded to a user named Raman on X, who questioned the need for a brand ambassador. Pei humorously replied, "We want to sell more phones, bhai."

The post hinted at the possibility of appointing Ranveer Singh as Nothing India's brand ambassador. Social media users were surprised by his witty reply and the ‘Bhai’ meme trend started.

Initially, Pei kickstarted the trend by renaming his profile to 'Carl Bhai', and soon after, Akis Evangelidis, co-founder of Nothing, followed suit as 'Akis Bhai'. Nothing India also got in on the fun, becoming 'Nothing India Bhai'. The page has embraced the trend by sharing memes and encouraging others to join in.

This trend is in anticipation of the 'Fresh Eyes' event scheduled for March 5, where Nothing is set to launch its new Phone (2a) in both the Indian and global markets.

To build excitement, the brand has initiated a contest where participants have to add 'Bhai' to their profiles and share a screenshot on X while tagging the brand. Ten lucky winners stand a chance to win the upcoming Phone (2a).

In a video titled ‘What's in Phone (2a)’, the brand sheds light on the features of the forthcoming phone. The Phone (2a) caters to users seeking impressive performance and a reliable camera without the need for cutting-edge specifications. It will likely be a more budget-friendly phone than the Phone 2, assured with the same level of quality.

Joining the trend, Flipkart, the authorised online seller for Phone (2a), playfully responded to Pei's post by saying, ‘Brb, adding a Bhai Now button!’

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