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Word on the street is that Dunzo, Google, Swiggy have fallen victim to the Wordle phenomenon

The five-letter mobile game is the latest social media phenomenon of 2022.

Wordle, a five-letter mobile game and the latest social media phenomenon, has hit the Indian shores. Evidence points to the litany of green, yellow or grey square emojis on our Twitter timelines.

Devised by John Wardle, the game needs you to guess a five-letter word. You get six tries and after each try, the tiles change; Grey shows which letters are not in the word, Yellow shows which letters are correct but in the wrong position, and green points to letters in the right position.

Ever since its launch in October 2021, there have been 840K Tweets mentioning Wordle and since November 2021, Twitter is witnessing a spike in the use of green and yellow square emojis; there have been 773K Tweets containing both these emojis.

India seems to have discovered the game in January 2022 with 96 per cent of the conversations around the game in the country coming in the first month of the new year. As Wordles travel across timelines and more people take their shots at the word of the day, there’s been a 48 per cent daily average growth in Wordle conversations among Indians.

It wasn’t long before the brands caught up: