Postmen show 'mailer-daemon' to Zapak Mail TVC

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Last updated : June 12, 2007
Zapak Mail's 'Rocket Raja' TVC hasn't been received well by the post and telegraph services. Zapak Mail has taken it off-air after receiving an objection letter

Zapak Mail launched its 'simple and speedy' e-mail service a few months ago supported by two television commercials - 'Pehalwaan becomes Budhimaan' and 'Rocket Raja'. While the former had the audiences smiling, the latter has found itself in a soup of sorts.

Rocket Raja- Zapak Mail

Cycle Mani- Ordinary Mail

Rocket Raja speeds up

Cycle Mani shown defeated
The 'Rocket Raja' TVC shows a post man on a cycle named 'Cycle Mani', depicting the ordinary mail service and 'Rocket Raja' the champion inside a rocket, representing Zapak Mail's speedy e-mail service at a speed testing centre. As Rocket Raja escalates in to the sky, ordinary mail man (read postman) on his cycle is shown defeated and dejected. And Zapak Mail wins.

This, apparently, hasn't gone down too well with the postal services personnel. The Indian Post and Telegraph Services sent a letter of objection to Zapak Mail last week, stating that the TVC does not show postman in a good light and is hence offensive to their sentiments. On receiving the complaint the ADA Group Company pulled the advertisement off-air.

Defending the TVC, Arun Mehra, chief marketing officer, Zapak Mail says, "The TVC compares two e-mail services - and not a postman with Zapak Mail as it is being perceived." Despite being clear on their stand, the company is taking corrective measures to ensure that no damage is done to the sentiments of the postal department.

Cyrus Oshidar, who created and conceptualised the ad finds the whole fiasco ridiculous. "How can someone get serious about such an illogical and fictional ad?" he questions. He states that the ad was meant to be fun and and not to be taken literally. About it demeaning postmen, he asserts, "It is like the cops getting upset because Batman or Shaktiman is going around saving people's lives." He is amazed at the way this non-sense is being treated with so much sensibility.

Zapak Mail is determined to keep the 'Rocket Raja' icon alive and a new TVC is underway. Meanwhile, a few other commercials under the 'Life is Fast' viral series will be telecast on television and let peace prevail.

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First Published : June 12, 2007


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