Toon Disney/Jetix to take a new face as Disney XD

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Published : November 13, 2009
Disney is terminating Toon Disney channels across the globe, with most of them being replaced with XD or Disney XD

On Children's Day, Walt Disney will rebrand its channel - Toon Disney/Jetix - to Disney XD. The channel will focus on kids in the age group of 6-14 years. The rebranding will be effective from November 14, 12 noon onwards. The content of the channel will be a mix of adventure, gaming, music and sports.

Natasha Malhotra, vice-president and general manager, Walt Disney Television International India, says in a release, "Today's tweens place incredibly high standards on their entertainment choices. Disney XD will continue the successes of Jetix by taking boy-focused, girl-inclusive entertainment to the next level. Disney XD will feature characters and stories in a wide range of formats - animation, live action, movies and sports, focusing on the core value of accomplishment in line with the aspirations of tweens today."

Disney XD will take off with the premier of two hit comedy series. One of them is Phineas and Ferb, an animated series for the age group of 9-14 years. The second, Aaron Stone, is an original adventure series about a champion video game player who, in a popular game called Hero Rising, uses a crime fighting avatar named Aaron Stone - at least until the game's billionaire creator asks him to become the real-life Aaron Stone.

Interestingly, On February 13, Toon Disney/Jetix USA was replaced by Disney XD. It was contemplated that the decision would be extended to India as well, as Disney is terminating Toon Disney channels across the globe, with most of them being replaced by XD or Disney XD.

In November, the channel will also see an online avatar,, which will have regularly updated interactive games, a brand new cyber zone with videos, information and downloadable content about all Disney XD shows.

Malhotra adds, "Disney is a unique opportunity for us to not only provide additional content to our existing Jetix fans, but also attract a whole new audience through its fun, interactive and boys-focused, girl inclusive content."

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