Axe Twist now on Mocha and CCD's menu

By Rohit Nautiyal , afaqs!, New Delhi | In Advertising
Published : May 11, 2010
To promote its latest global fragrance, the brand from the stable of Unilever has come up with a new drink to convey the idea of change

Mocha and Cafe Coffee Day have upgraded their menu card, recently. Called Twister, the drink is priced at Rs 70. The main ingredients of the drink include orange juice and blue curacao (a liqueur), topped with soda and it comes with a stirrer shaped like a voluptuous woman.

This new drink has been conceived by Gotcha! Impact Media to promote Axe's new fragrance, Twist, which changes its smell, a few times in a day.

Noreen V Holstein, director, Gotcha! Impact Media, says, "We were asked to come up with a fun activity which conveyed this idea of change without any forcible participation by the TG."

Besides, the main colours associated with Axe Twist - green and yellow were also to be retained.

The one month long activity was kicked off in Delhi last week and will be rolled out in other cities such as Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru over the next few days. The average daily footfall at a CCD or Mocha outlet can vary between 450 and 600.

Gotcha! Impact Media has ensured that as the customers step into these places, the tent cards are placed on the tables which inform them about the drink. Also, the company has a team of promoters who frequent the network of coffee chains and restaurants twice a week and inform the customers about ongoing promotions. For instance, on ordering two Twisters, a customer gets a complimentary glass.

This is not the first case when Axe has tried something like this. Last year, as part of a similar activity, Axe Inxtinct's 'cross-hair' logo was dusted into coffees and cappuccinos at various coffee chains. Along with each cup of coffee came a special sticker card with Axe-branded peel off logos, cementing the connect with Axe Inxtinct.

Apparently, while The Inxtinct activity worked as a surprise for the TG and did not require any initiative from their side, the Twister activity is all about a customer making a conscious choice.

Will people be open to the idea of trying a new refresher when they have an exhaustive menu of a restaurant or a coffee chain to order from?

"Within a few days of the launch of the activity, the response has been good and people are showing a keen interest in the drink," asserts Holstein. She reveals that Gotcha! Impact Media conceptualises about four activities on a yearly basis for Axe.

For the record, Gotcha! Impact Media, set up by Noreen van Holstein (director and creative head), operates brands such as Cards4U that deals with postcard advertising; ADtheLOO that reaches out to targeted audiences at washrooms across the country; SPOT, a mini magazine and Xtra!, which looks into other on-ground promotional activities using tent cards, coasters and table mats.

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